Saving with 6abc: Save at Philadelphia restaurants

June 29, 2011 8:36:27 PM PDT
Just about everyone knows that Le Bec Fin is one of Philadelphia's fanciest restaurants. Now there's a way you can eat there and save 30% on your bill.

To get the savings, you'll need to make your reservation through a new website called

"We provide insider pricing at some of the best restaurants in the city," explains Savored's Sarah Wilson. "Our members pay $10 to make a reservation and in return, they get 30% off of their bill, which is discreetly added at the end, without any coupons that sort of thing. It's a great incentive to get through the door to really indulge in a great dining experience."

If you do the math, you'll end up recouping your $10 reservation fee as long as you spend more than $33 on food and drinks, which is easy to do at Le Bec Fin, a restaurant where most diners would feel a bit tacky pulling out a coupon.

And Executive Chef Nicolas Elmi finds that once people get in the door, they splurge knowing they'll get a discount.

"They'll usually spend a little bit more money on a wine or instead of getting a four-course tasting menu, get a seven-course, or 13-course tasting menu," Elmi says. "It's nice, people get to get a bit more of the experience of Le Bec Fin." is another website that can help you save big in dining out.

The regular deal on is a $25 restaurant gift certificate for $10. But they almost always discount that price even more -- up to 80% -- with coupon codes that you can find on the Saving with 6abc Codes and Coupons page.

To visit Savored, click here.

To visit, click here.