Call for Action team gets results

June 15, 2011 1:40:35 PM PDT
The Call for Action (CFA) team at 6ABC released two impressive statistics Wednesday.

First, the team has closed 799 cases so far this year. And second, the volunteers have helped recover nearly a million dollars for consumers in the form of refunds, goods, and services.

The team of dedicated volunteers helps with all kinds of consumer issues. For example, they helped Margie Niedzielski save her home from foreclosure.

"I didn't know what else to do," she told Action News. "I didn't know who else to call because I was getting the run around. I spoke with [CFA volunteer] Daphne and she was extremely helpful."

Thanks to CFA, the Sinellis got a $1300 refund from a company that they say sent defective materials for their deck.

Wendy Minakowski got most of her car repairs paid for by the manufacturer. And a tree trimming company came back to Beth Zanni's house to finish her job.

"Finally they did come out and take the stumps out," said Beth. "I am so happy."

The CFA number you need to know if you need help with a consumer problem is 1-866-978-4232.

For more information, or to find out how to become a volunteer yourself, click here.

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