Red kangaroos move to new exhibit

Red Kangaroos (Philadelphia Zoo)

June 17, 2011 6:55:21 AM PDT
The Philadelphia Zoo is happy to announce the red kangaroos have relocated to a new more spacious exhibit! The new exhibit features a large indoor barn and a spacious outdoor area giving the kangaroos a roomy area to live and play! The outdoor area is surrounded by several beautiful trees and bushes that provide comfort and shade to the kangaroos. The new exhibit also gives guests a better view allowing closer viewing of the animals in their new home. The Philadelphia Zoo's playful red kangaroos Melanie, Maxie, Minnie, Dan, Didgery Roo and Arnie Bouncepants are thrilled to have a new place to live! They have been very active and are hopping freely in their exhibit enjoying the space and scenery. Check in with the kangaroos to see how they're adjusting to their new home!

Fun Facts about Red Kangaroos:

  • Named for their color, only adult males are reddish brown. Females and juveniles are bluish grey

  • Found in the hot dry interior of Australia

  • Can cruise for long distances at 30mph due to their efficient hopping

  • They are herbivores

  • Cannot move their legs in a walking motion and cannot walk backwards

    About The Philadelphia Zoo:

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