Delco SPCA denies extension request

June 16, 2011 1:29:17 PM PDT
A request to extend animal control services in Delaware County has been turned down.

Officials from the SPCA and county council held a public meeting in Media on Thursday.

The two sides discussed options for dealing with stray animals.

The SPCA is planning to become a no-kill shelter next year but, in order to do that, they will stop taking in strays beginning July 1st.

The SPCA wants Delaware County municipalities to handle the animals on their own, saying they can't afford to during the transition.

Council wanted a six month extension to find a solution.

The SPCA refused, saying their legal counsel advised against it.

"It's not that we don't want to do it, it's that we cannot," said Justina Calgiano of the Delaware County SPCA. "We are in a legal position where we are not able to extend to the county, but we wish them a ton of luck."

"We reached out our hand, as far as dollars are concerned," said Delaware County Councilman Mario Civera. "It's in their mindset that 'this is the end of this and we're not doing it.'"

The shelter will still treat victims of animal cruelty and take in pets surrendered by owners.