Deadly storm leaves path of destruction

On County Road 571, a large tree flattened a Buick killing the person inside.

June 22, 2011 8:59:42 PM PDT
Many parts of the region experienced the first storm of the summer season.

The massive uprooted trees. The damage to the homes and all the debris. Residents in the Whiting Community of Manchester Township say they've never seen anything like it.

On County Road 571, a large tree flattened a Buick killing the person inside.

Police are still investigating the tragic incident.

The severe weather focused its attention on Ocean County where Action News caught an image of a funnel cloud forming in New Egypt.

We could see some slight rotation, but it never appears to have touched down.

In Crestwood Village, a large tree landed on Marilyn Bell's car and trapped her in her home.

"I was scared, I thought if there was a fire, I would have had to jump out the window, how else was I going to get out?" Bell said.

Down the street, Helen Metterle had to check on her neighbor's house after limbs took out part of the roof.

"I came out front to look and there is my tree upside down and my next door neighbor's and hers was on top of my driveway and on top of her house," Metterle said.

On Dixon Court, residents had to evacuate a house.

A gigantic tree crushed a sunroom and caused heavy damage to the backside of the home.

Metterle says once the storms were all over, she only had one thought.

"Hail Mary," she said with a laugh.

Another uprooted tree pulled a pipe right out of the ground.

Cleanup crews were busy Wednesday evening, but there is still a lot of work to do so they will be back Thursday morning.

Meanwhile in Horsham, Montgomery County, residents were dealing with their own storm related problems.

The Action Cam captured crews cleaning up a tree that toppled into a home along the 300 block of Chestnut Lane. The Vaughn family was home at the time, but no one was injured as when the limb came crashing through the kitchen, all family members were in another room.

Around the corner at Cedar Hill and Horsham Road, crews were working on downed electrical lines.

A number of viewers sent in videos and photos from Manchester Township, Horsham, and other storm hit areas. To see your reports, visit the page.