Philadelphia cop in online photo flap

Philadelphia Police Officer Deona Carter's photo from her site.

June 24, 2011 4:01:36 PM PDT
There's quite a controversy over a Philadelphia police officer with a bold sense of mugging for the camera.

Police Officer Deona Carter posted a picture of herself on her Myspace page. She was wearing a very short dress and her Philadelphia Police uniform hat.

On Facebook, the 29-year-old Deona Carter, an 8-year Philadelphia Police veteran reveals even more about herself in her picture

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However, Philadelphia Police Department officials have taken notice of her myspace picture wearing her official police hat. The department's Internal Affairs Division is now investigating to see if she has violated the department's new social-media policy which restricts what an officer can display online.

There was no answer when Action News reporter Vernon Odom knocked at Carter's apartment Friday. She later called police to complain about the media hounding her today.

Officer Carter's employment record over the years does raise some questions. Government sources confirm for Action News that she did serve a 20-day suspension without pay several years ago after a scrape with a neighbor and making false statements to department investigators. She is also the target of a federal civil rights lawsuit for allegedly beating up a bartender with two other officers in 2008 at a University City bar once known as the 12 Lounge.

The city attorney of Philadelphia assigned to defend her says this is the first brutality lawsuit against carter. One other complaint against her some years ago was ruled unfounded by Internal Affairs.

At this point, Officer Carter remains on regular duty. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey is still waiting on a final report from the Internal Affairs Division.