Judge orders Sheen wages docked for child support

FILE - In this April 3, 2011 file photo, actor Charlie Sheen waves to fans as he leaves the Chicago Theatre in Chicago. District of Columbia police in April gave Sheen an escort, with sirens and lights flashing, to a performance at DAR Constitution Hall. Chief Cathy Lanier said at the time that the escort violated department protocol and that escorts aren't intended for celebrities. District of Columbia police records show Bill Gates, Jay-Z and other celebrities have received escorts similar to the one officers gave actor Charlie Sheen, conflicting with initial police statements that escorts are reserved for the president, vice president and visiting heads of state. (AP Photo/Brian Kersey, file)

June 28, 2011 2:38:03 PM PDT
A judge has ordered Charlie Sheen's former bosses to garnish $55,000 a month for child support from any payments they make to the former "Two and a Half Men" star.