Help comes to man who turned in armed killer

July 7, 2011 5:13:37 PM PDT
Gary and Trish Krobath gathered a few personal belongings and neighbors helped salvage the plants off the porch Thursday.

Moments later, a notice went up on the front door and the police sealed off the property.

But, now they know they'll be back.

"It's a miracle. It's really good news," Trish said.

Action News has learned that both Delaware County and Montgomery County authorities are working to make sure the house is repaired and cleaned.

It was trashed during a seven-hour police standoff with an armed killer who was holed up inside.

Mark Geisenheyner shot five people in a Montgomery County farmhouse, killing three of them, including a two-year-old boy.

He was found hiding behind a dryer in the basement where he was shot to death. Gary and Trish were left with a blood soaked basement and a house almost completely trashed.

They had no renter's insurance and nowhere to go.

"What are we going to do tomorrow? That's all I could think. What are we going to do tomorrow? Not even about next week or next month, just tomorrow, where will we sleep? It was horrible," Trish said.

Delaware County has given the Krobaths a hotel room and food allowance.

They will also get help from Montgomery County's Crime Victims Compensation Fund.

Yesterday, they feared they were on their own, left holding the bag for doing the right thing by turning in Geisenheyner.

Now, they've been assured their home and possessions will be restored.

"Things are looking pretty good, I still worry from now until then, but long term, it looks better than it did yesterday," Gary said.

The house is sealed for now, but it will be home again for Gary and Trish thanks to a lot of people who appreciate what they did.