Mrs. Fixit: Bathroom Drain Maintenance

July 31, 2011

Soap and facial cleansers can build up on the walls of your bathroom drains. Salt can dissolve that residue.

Heat two cups of water mixed with a cup of salt to boiling in the microwave. Pour the saltwater down the drain. The salt will remove the residue and the hot water will rinse it away. then just run some more hot water to rinse it away.

Hair clogs can be stubborn, but don't resort to a harsh hair clog remover. Pick up one of these simple zip strip drain cleaners.

There are all sorts of these on the market but they're essentially the same, a long flexible piece of plastic with teeth on either side and a thumb grip at the top.

Simply slip the zip strip into your drain, twist it a hundred and eighty degrees and pull it out.

The teeth grip onto the hair clog and remove it easily in one quick pull.

If your drains are smelly, drop a couple of denture tablets in the drain and follow it up with some hot water. The hot water will dissolve the tablets which will clean and deodorize the drains.

The denture tablets will clear gunk from the drain as it bubbles! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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