Mrs. Fixit: Clean Personal Hygiene

August 7, 2011

To clean brushes and combs, remove all excess hair. A bamboo skewer or a toothpick will help you remove excess hair from the base of a brush.

Mix a half a cup of white vinegar and a squirt of shampoo into a gallon of water. The vinegar will break up oily deposits from your hair and disinfect while the shampoo gives the brush a good overall cleaning. When you're finished, rinse them well and let them dry!

Cleaning your toothbrush may seem like a silly idea, but it is important especially during cold and flu season. Place your toothbrush in a clean mug filled with boiling water for two minutes. This will dissolve toothpaste residue from around the bristles and kill germs.

If you're concerned about day to day airborne germs in the bathroom, try putting your toothbrush in an alcohol based mouthwash for thirty seconds before you use it.

Wash your makeup brushes at least once a month to remove makeup residue and skin that has sloughed off on the brush.

Fill a small bowl with warm water and baby shampoo. The baby shampoo is gentler on the delicate bristles and will rinse out more readily than it's adult counterparts.

Swish the brushes around in the solution until you see no more buildup on the brush. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and roll gently in a hand towel to remove excess liquid.

Then fluff up the bristles and you're all set. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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