Bikes worth $2,500 stolen from local charity

July 20, 2011 2:47:35 PM PDT
Wilmington's Urban Bike Project is a non-profit organization that promotes biking, teaches kids and adults how to repair and maintain their bikes and it gives bikes to those who need one to commute.

The annual budget is only $10,000 so what happened one night last week really hurts.

Someone stole about $2,500 worth of refurbished bikes, including some high end Gary Fisher mountain bikes slotted for fundraising.

"We believe they cased the place. We had a couple of Gary Fishers in inventory that would normally retail for $1,000. They were on sale here for a couple of hundred and they are all gone," said Laura Saperstein of the Urban Bike Project.

They believe thieves broke in the front door and, once inside the lobby, they shimmied up a wall. Once inside they went for the high end items.

They opened a service window and passed the bikes outside.

Cory Wright is a volunteer who teaches the finer points of keeping a bike rolling.

"I would love to know the mentality of a person who would do such a thing, especially when they know the bikes are going to a good cause," said Wright.

Police are investigating the theft. In the meantime the Urban Bike Project is scrambling for donations to make up for the loss of the stolen bikes.

If you would like to help, you can email Laura Saperstein at the Urban Bike Project.