Charges unlikely in Center City Burger King crash

PHILADELPHIA - July 27, 2011

Officer Gibbs of Philadelphia Police AID tells Action News that charges are "unlikely" in this week's accident at the Burger King. Gibbs says that the investigation is continuing and it doesn't appear that there was any criminal intent involved in the accident.

The crash happened shortly after 2:30 Monday afternoon, at the Burger King on 8th and Market streets in Center City Philadelphia.

Police and eye witnesses say that the driver pulled out of a parking lot across the street and appeared to hit the gas instead of the brake.

"It sounded like he gunned the engine too hard. He hit the building pretty hard to go through that brick wall," said eyewitness Jesse Pfeffer.

Bystanders dove out of the way to avoid getting hit by the runaway vehicle.

"I just came out the building and I heard the engine and the car at the same time. I ran out of the way and the car just barely missed me," said Timothy Humphrey.

Initial reports indicate that seven people were injured in the crash.

At least one person is listed in critical condition with multiple fractures.

Six others are listed in stable condition with non-life threatening injuries, including the driver himself.

All of the victims were taken to either Jefferson or Hahnemann University hospitals. No word on their identities.

The accident is still under investigation.

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