Back to school shopping spree for 20 lucky kids

July 27, 2011

Today the boys and girls from at-risk families were special guests at the Target in Wynnefield Heights, given $80 gift cards to cover a school supply shopping spree.

Janae McKey tells us, "It's exciting that they're doing this. It's really helping us. And I'm loving it."

Arminta Watkins of Salvation Army explains, "I think a lot of kids would struggle. I think it would be tough for a lot of them. I think there's also a sense of pride to be able to go to school with new school supplies."

This is the second year that Target and the Salvation Army have partnered in the national effort. Here locally, Salvation Army members volunteered as chaperones, while Target employees also gave their all to make the day a success.

"The employees are all excited," says Tennille Buggs of Target. "We have people who are here on their day off, and they were willing to be here at 7:45 in the morning. Just so these kids can get ready for school."

The kids are so excited to have the kinds of things they need, all new, for the fall, especially the all important backpack!

The chaperones were armed with calculators, trying to stay on budget. But they came prepared in case something like that cool backpack tipped the scale.

LaVerna Lewis of Salvation Army tells Action News, "Well, guess what? Most of us have a little extra cash in our pockets."

Thanks to that kind of spirit, some lucky local students now can't wait for that school bell to ring.

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