Time to get kids on school sleep schedule

PHILADELPHIA, PA.; August 16, 2011

Experts at the National Sleep Foundation say a little "homework" now can ensure kids that are well-rested and ready for learning.

They recommend that:

* Parents set a bedtime and wake-up time now - several weeks before classes begin.

* Then move those times 15 minutes earlier every other day.

* Get the kids outside and active in bright morning light - the sunlight helps adjust the body clock.

* Turn off TVs, computers, video games and phones 1 hour before bedtime. Better yet, keep those out of your children's bedroom.

* Stay on the schedule on the weekends.

* And set a good example! Kids will be more likely to follow what other family members do.

And remember, school-aged children need 10 to 11 hours of sleep per night.

If you wait to change their schedule, your kids could pay for it come the school year with irritability, or drowsiness in class.

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