Scooters worth thousands stolen in S. Phila.


Amy Berger had her Genuine Buddy scooter for two years. Then on Monday, it was taken from the front of her house on South Jessup Street in South Philadelphia.

"Definitely, a little frustrating because it really changes my routine a lot and the convenience that I had with it," Amy said.

In the last two weeks, five scooters have been stolen in South Philadelphia.

Sean Theobald of Philadelphia Scooters on East Passyunk Avenue isn't surprised.

He says they weigh less than 250 pounds and can be lifted onto a truck if they're not locked down. He suggests a chain that costs around $130.

"A 5-foot long, tempered steel chain that can't be cut with a hand tool, you need power tools to cut it, so that pretty much eliminates 90% of thefts," Theobald said.

He also suggests locking the scooter to something immovable such as inground anchor.

Theobald says many scooters cost under $2,000 and get at least 80 miles to the gallon.

Those who drive them say they're perfect for getting around the city.

It's one reason Joe Marino of the East Passyunk Square Civic Association is concerned about the rash of thefts.

"A lot of our longstanding neighbors like to get around on's a shame that there's a hidden criminal element somewhere who's taking advantage of it," Marino said.

Scooters may be an economical way to get around, unfortunately though, owners may have to spend more to try and safeguard them.

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