How to pay for services and get goods without paying a dime!

July 28, 2011

Bartering seems pretty old-school. But think again. With today's economy and so many folks low on cash, bartering is making a big comeback!

Bartering is back in fashion and going high-tech. A long list of websites can help you find people to barter with for all kinds of goods and services.

On, you can post and trade for free, and the website claims to be the first barter site that verifies users to enhance the security of their trades.

People are offering all kinds of things with which to barter, from cameras to cars to coaching, and even personal training sessions!

U-Exchange also connects people who want to swap and trade. Someone in Ambler is offering a stay in a two-bedroom apartment in exchange for a place at the beach! Someone in Bethlehem is offering jujitsu classes for a laptop!

Another person wants to exchange salon services for housekeeping or landscaping services. It's fun even just to read all the possibilities.

And you may not realize it, but Craigslist has an entire bartering section where you can exchange all kinds of goods and services with strangers.

Some others to check out:,, ThreadUp and SwapMamas.

For more bartering and exchange websites including a couple sites that are specifically for swapping books and dvds, see the links below.

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