Del. residents cleanup after storm damage

WILMINGTON, Del. - August 10, 2011

The cleanup is well underway in Claymont, Delaware, but there is so much to be done.

Huge branches knocked down power lines all over the region Tuesday, and many people who live just north of Wilmington are still in the dark.

The storm knocked the power off in several suburbs; some of the damage, neighbors say was breath taking.

A massive tree was uprooted in the Glendining's back yard.

"This is a big mess, but you know it's all good, because no one was hurt and it didn't fall on the house," said Susal Glendining. "The power is still off, but we can live."

A lot of residents have nothing to do but try to preserve food in their freezers, others are in disbelief that Tuesday's storm was something less than a full fledged tornado.

"It was wild," said Gil Wilbur. "it was swirling wind, and the trees were going in all directions and you could hardly see, because the rain was so heavy."

"I was so scared, I started crying because it was just awful," said Martha Chieffo. "The wind, the rain, the debris that was flying by the house, it was the worse thing I've ever seen."

South of Wilmington in the suburban development of Westminster, the storm wreaked havoc, crushing a garage and the vehicles inside. Many homes were damaged.

One resident says they were sitting back at first enjoying Mother Nature's fury.

"We were enjoying the storm, until it turned really nasty. And then we ducked for cover and got the dogs in the house as fast as we could," said Ken Wortham.

Claymont residents say they feel luck that no was killed or injured. The cleanup continues.

At the height of the storm, Delmarva says nearly 20,000 customers were left without power. By mid-afternoon Wednesday, there were still over 4,000 customers still waiting for electricity.

Delmarva tells us some folks may not get full service restored until sometime late Thursday night.

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