Multiples across the country gather in Valley Forge

VALLEY FORGE, Pa. - July 30, 2011

They were seeing double and triple at the National Triplet Connection Convention in Valley Forge.

"When we're at home, you stick out, but here you kind of feel like you're with people who know how you feel and it's a good feeling," said Ahmad Jones.

Imagine some of the questions the families get every day.

"One of the most common, but strange to me, 'Are those three twins?'," said Kim Jones.

"They ask us if we can send each other messages, like telepathy," said Khalil Jones.

Triplet Connection is a non-profit group that holds a gathering for multiples across the country each year.

"Once they get here, we're not really big on the whole triplet thing, we're just kind of big on families, and they are just kids here and that's just the point," says Convention Director, Kree Lindsay.

The triplet convention is unique and very cute, but the people who come each year say the triplet convention is a support group and a place to discuss shared experiences.

"It's most helpful when you're younger when the kids are younger and you're new to it and you just feel like you need answers to questions, you know," said Kim Jones.

And Kim Jones says she still needs answers. Her 15 year old boys are now dealing with driving and girls, like the 15 year old Pinheiro triplets.

"I mean, they're nice people," said the Jones brothers. "We love these girls."

Talk about a triple threat.

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