Action News viewer special on Drop Down Deals!

August 1, 2011 is designed to SAVE you from searching for coupons and promo codes while online shopping.

Whenever you're on a shopping website, the coupons will automatically drop down from your web browser when there are coupons available.

Daniel Pegg from Drop Down Deals explains, "For example, if you go to, our window will slide down in the top right-hand corner, showing target coupons and deals - apply whichever ones benefit you the most and you're instantly saving time and money."

The best part is Drop Down Deals is absolutely FREE. You pay nothing and downloading it onto your browser takes less than a minute.

The company promises it's absolutely SAFE, too. It says it's been certified secure by a number of companies including Norton Antivirus and McAfee Antivirus. It also promises it will NOT sell or share any of your information.

"So we don't track any personally identifiable information. We need to know what shopping site you're on so we can deliver you the best deals, but that's completely anonymous. We can't track it back to you in any way."

And here's the BEST part of Drop Down Deals happening right now just for OUR Viewers! If you go to, you'll receive a free $25 gift card for trying it out.

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