Parenting: National Sister's Day

August 1, 2011

I have blogged often about the tight relationship I have with my five sisters and my fervent hope that my girls will be just as close. I've had many discussions with my girls about the importance of loving your sister, but I've always wondered if I'm doing enough and what exactly creates that tight bond.

Yesterday, I took my children to lunch with my mom, Aunt Maryann, and 3 of my sisters to celebrate a collection of birthdays. It was a beautiful afternoon. It wasn't until I looked at the photos this morning that I realized the answer to my nagging question was right in front of my face. How do you encourage a close bond between your daughters? Simply, live the example you want to set.

I took a sweet photo of a wonderful and wise pair of sisters: my aunt and my mom. They lived through good times and bad and shared every moment together. Now as they're aging, they don't miss a beat. They can still complete each others' thoughts and relax in the comfort of knowing they will never face any of life's challenges alone. Without ever needing to preach, my mother and Aunt Maryanne taught us how to be supportive and loving sisters. I'd like to think that gift has already been passed down to my girls.

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