Save on back-to-school shoes by refreshing last year's

MONTGOMERYVILLE, Pa. - Aug. 16, 2011

Kirsten Boettcher, Marketing Manager for the Montgomery Mall, explains, "Many stores carry great products to refresh your last year's shoes. So you may not have to worry about getting new shoes. Kids grow fast, sometimes they grow out of their shoes, but if for some reason their shoes still fit, you can definitely come to the mall and pick up some of the cleaning supplies or refresher supplies."

Ugg-style suede boots are still a hot fashion trend. If last year's boots still fit, but are stained, they can likely be salvaged.

Boettcher says, "Water damage can be especially bad for the suede shoes."

Famous Footwear stores sell a suede cleaner kit for just $5. It includes both an eraser and a brush. Once the boots are clean, water-proofing is the key to making them last.

For leather shoes, there are other cleaning options, such as a gel cleaner also sells for $5.

And there's no need to buy lots of new sneakers. Payless Shoe Source sells sneaker cleaners and brighteners for $5 or less.

And you can change up the look of those clean shoes by adding all sorts of laces -- which sell for just $2 or $3 a pair. There are all sorts of colors and patterns, including rainbow curly elastic laces and camouflage styles.

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