Consumer Reports with three new updates

August 3, 2011

However, rather than passing along those savings to consumers, airlines have raised their base rates instead, pocketing an extra $20 to $40 per ticket.

Now, partially due to pressure from the IRS, at least two airlines -- first Delta and now U.S. Airways -- have agreed to give customers the difference in the form of a refund.

The refunds should be automatic, showing up on the debit or credit card account you used to pay for the ticket. They'll apply to travelers who paid for tickets on or before July 22, 2011 and for travel beginning on or after July 23 of this year.

If you don't get your refund, submit a claim to the IRS.

For more information, visit,,id=242812,00.html?portlet=6.

Toy Key Recall

Parents, 1,080,000 toy keys are on today's recall list.

The metal keys and the plastic ring can break and your little one can choke on the pieces.

The keys with remote were sold under the product names B. FunKeys and Parents Magazine Electronic Keys.

The importer, Battat (Bi-TAT), is giving out replacements. Call 1-866-655-5524 or go to

For further information, visit

The best coffee

Consumer Reports tested 23 different coffees.

"We taste the coffees black so that we can really taste the flavor," said Erin Gudeux of Consumer Reports. "We look for defects such as under ripe or excessively bitter notes, for example."

Two very good Colombian coffees? Colombian Supremo Medium Roast from Gloria Jean's and Newman's Own Organics Colombian Especial Medium Roast, both of which are about $13 a pound.

The highest-rated decaf? The New England Coffee Decaffeinated Colombian, which comes in at a little over $9 a pound.

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