Syrian troops fire on protesters, killing 10

An anti-government protestor, center, holds a Syrian flag that reads in Arabic, "Syria, revolution, and freedom", during a demonstration demanding the resignation of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, in Sanaa, Yemen, Tuesday, June 14, 2011. A senior Yemeni official in the Saudi capital says President Ali Abdullah Saleh has developed a problem with his throat but that his overall condition is stable. Arabic reads on the placard right, " We demand the formation of a transitional council". (AP Photo/Hani Mohammed)

August 5, 2011 9:32:18 AM PDT
Security forces opened fire on protesters, killing at least 10, as tens of thousands poured into streets across Syria on Friday, chanting for the fall of President Bashar Assad and defying a fierce military siege of Hama, where tanks shelled residential districts around dawn.