Hundreds apply for jobs at new Walmart

BROOMALL, Pa. - August 5, 2011

They have made their way in like clock-work from 9 to 5, hoping to land a job at the new Walmart at the Marple Crossroads shopping center.

"We've been tracking about 100 applicants a day, said store manager Anthony Deni. "We had 800 applicants so far in the first week and a half we've been hiring."

Deni says they are only picking 300 people for the 113-thousand square foot store and the overwhelming turnout has only made it tougher.

They have to decipher through people of all walks of life, including some like Drexel University student Ethan Myers.

"My mom told me about it. She saw the thing in the newspaper, they they were hiring for the new Walmart, so I figured I'd come down and check it out."

Then, there are others like Leslie Horvath -- professionals forced to change careers late in life.

"My background is in teaching, but the economy is not good and I lost my job back in March."

But with the latest jobs report showing growth and the unemployment rate dipping a notch last month, job seekers are seeing a glimmer of hope.

"I have not done a lot of retail work, but I think I will enjoy it," Horvath said.

Walmart is expected to open by early October and they're hoping to have all of their new hires chosen by September 1.

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