Warning signs for Lyme disease

August 7, 2011

"I was very fatigued. That was probably the most prominent one. I had a very major headache and I felt just achy all over," said Mettler.

She went back to school, but with a nasty rash on her arm.

"I was kind of blotchy but it definitely was a rash associated with a tick bite," said Mettler.

Kristin was diagnosed with acute Lyme Disease.

"Lyme disease is a bacterial infection caused by a tick species called Borrelia burgdorferi," said Dr. Kara Mascitti of St Luke's Hospital.

Doctors warn that a tick bite doesn't always mean that you'll get Lyme disease.

"Usually the tick needs to be attached to a human for at least 24 or 48 hours. During the process of feeding, the bacteria is transmitted from the saliva of the tick into the system of the patient," said Dr. Mascitti

Not all ticks are transmitters, only tiny deer ticks carry Lyme disease.

A rash is just one symptom. You may also suffer fatigue, headache or achiness, however there is a cure.

"Usually the doctor will give you a prescription for an oral antibiotic, doxycycline or amoxicillin that is prescribed for two or three weeks," said Dr. Mascitti.

Right now most experts say there is no scientific evidence to prove Lyme disease can be a chronic, or long-term illness, however that remains a controversial issue

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