Saving with 6abc: Recouping on coupons - 6at4

PHILADELPHIA - August 9, 2011

More than 20% of us who buy daily deals on sites like Groupon don't use the bargains before their expiration dates.

But a couple of NEW websites promise to help you recoup at least some of your money by letting you SELL your unused deal to others!

If you figure out your unused online coupon or daily deal is about to expire and you can't use it after all, why not sell it on sites like or

You can list your deal on the websites and hope someone else will buy it from you.

Couprecoup is free for buyers and sellers. Dealsgoround charges sellers a 10-percent transaction fee, but at least you'll recoup SOME of your cost and the coupon will get used.

And on the flip side, if you missed an awesome daily deal, you can use these websites to get a second chance at them at an even greater bargain!

We found MEGA-daily deals on Dealgoround and Couprecoup. For instance, a $100 gift certificate for only $13 on Dealsgoround and only $20 on Couprecoup!

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