Norristown Dance Fest

NORRISTOWN, Pa. - August 14, 2011

It is the 3rd annual Norristown Dance Fest. 8 dance companies will put on 2 shows, next Saturday and Sunday, at the Montgomery County Cultural Center in downtown Norristown.

The Dance Fest will feature all varieties of dance from modern to contemporary to pop and ballet.

Melissa Chisena, Curator of the Norristown Dance Fest says, "The Montgomery County Cultural Center is a fabulous place to hold a dance fest. It's very intimate. It's a black box theatre."

Dancer Elexus Freeman-Fillmore is performing a solo tribute to Nina Simone, that was choreographed by dance fest curator Melissa Chisena.

"It's entitled Playing Gold's Ring and it's a contemporary solo about a woman who is basically in love with another man, a married man that she cannot have," said Chisena.

The Dance Fest is part of the Norristown Arts Council's effort to rejuvenate the arts in downtown Norristown. The intimate setting seats just 75 people and the Dance Fest sold out its very first year.

Chisena adds, "We have companies coming in from Saratoga Springs, NY. We have companies coming from NYC. there's downtown Philadelphia companies. There's local companies, so Norristown is really being put on the map for their arts and culture."

Dance Fest is Saturday, August 20th at 8pm and Sunday, August 21st at 2pm.

For tickets, visit Dance Box Office. There's a steep discount for Norristown residents.

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