Cops: Gunman caught after chase; victim has 42 priors

WEST PHILADELPHIA - August 10, 2011

Police say it all started when an officer on patrol along the 500 block of North Paxon Street heard two gunshots.

When he ran to the spot where the sound came from, he saw a wounded man lying on the sidewalk. Police only identified the victim as a 41-year-old man with 42 prior arrests.

That man pointed out another man running from the area as the gunman.

The officer called for backup, when the suspect hopped into a silver minivan and sped off.

Police quickly picked up his trail, and followed him as he raced through West Philadelphia, Center City, Vine Street, and finally, I-95.

While the suspect was on I-95, police say he threw a handgun out the window.

Moments after that, he slammed into three police vehicles.

Officers say the suspect then jumped out of the minivan and made a run for it, but police quickly caught up to him and took him into custody.

The 51-year-old suspect was taken to Hahnemann University Hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

Police say he will soon be charged with several crimes, including the shooting on North Paxon Street.

Investigators say officers recovered the gun that the suspect threw away.

The victim in the shooting was wounded in the knee and is in stable condition at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

There were no other injuries.

Police are still trying to determine what sparked the shooting.

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