Mrs. Fixit: Popsicle Sticks

August 21, 2011

Use a popsicle stick to mix epoxies and other glues to the right consistency. Then, use the sticks to spread the glue onto your project!

You can also use them to stir small cans of paints and stains.

The rounded end of a popsicle stick is the perfect tool for smoothing a caulk line.

You can also use them to spread spackle into nail holes on moldings and walls.

Popsicle sticks make handy shims for wobbly furniture and other contruction projects around the home.

If your curtains and drapes aren't hanging correctly, slip some popsicle sticks in the hem of those drapes to weight them.

In a pinch, use a popsicle stick to splint a finger. just put popsicle sticks on either side of the finger and tape it up until you can get to the doctor.

Alternative uses for popsicle sticks - so you should always have them in your house. And gives you an excuse to have a little snack!! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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