Identity thieves go on family shopping spree

PLYMOUTH TWP., Pa. - August 11, 2011

Police have surveillance video of the thieves on a family shopping spree with stolen credit cards.

Investigators are looking for a woman and a man who were all smiles on the video.

Police say the couple went from Plymouth Meeting to Philadelphia, and made about 6 stops at Best Buy, Target and a few fast food restaurants in between.

The video shows them strolling casually through the front doors of one store after another with their illegal purchases.

Plymouth Township Police say the man and the woman are responsible for racking up almost $2,500 on debit and credit cards from a woman and her husband, who did not want to be identified.

"Everything I worked hard for got taken away," the woman said.

Her husband dropped his wallet in a Home Depot in Plymouth Meeting two weeks ago.

Investigators believe the couple picked it up and went on a shopping spree, buying big screen TVs and X-Box games.

And the crime appears to be a family affair. The couple brought along an infant, a young boy and a young girl.

"Why would you do that with your kids, what kind of example do you show," said the victim.

Police say the crooks hit the Best Buy and Target in Plymouth Meeting, drove down to Philadelphia and made a stop at the Target on City Avenue before moving on to the Ikea in South Philadelphia.

Investigators say stealing must have worked up an appetite, because the thieves also made three fast food stops.

The victims are concerned that the stores never bothered to check for ID.

"How could someone use my card without my ID, without my signature?"

Detective Jeffrey McGee says he believes the family is from the area.

"If they're the parents, they need to come forward before we coming looking for them, because I believe that with this video surveillance, we will have the parent identified before long," Detective McGee said.

Police believe the thieves are traveling in a silver van.

Most banks offer a 100% refund when you report credit card fraud within two business day.

The victims in this case were able to do that, and were able to get their money back.

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