A spectacular day of sports for some special kids

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA - August 13, 2011

It was the annual Kids Sports Spectacular, a sporting event for kids who refuse to be limited by their limitations.

And what these kids are able to do is nothing short of spectacular. They have physical disabilities, but that hasn't slowed any of them down.

"They play basketball, they play hockey, they play tennis, and they have absolutely no limitations even though everyone looks at them and say, 'oh no, he can't, he can't'. But they can do whatever they put their minds to," says Alex Pabon.

Alex came to the Kids Sports Spectacular reluctantly four years ago, now he is a team leader.

He says the experience has transformed his life, which is the goal for all these kids.

"It's a life changing experience for the whole community, the family, the whole system. Because these kids can now be involved in sports, and they can go out and they can play with their peers," explains Laura Schwanger from the United Spinal Association.

They're not on the sidelines anymore. They are right in there competing and giving it their all.

"There are a lot of kids that say they can't do stuff, but then they come here. There are a lot of opportunities," says Jose Ayala.

"I know this is the only place to come and have fun, only right here," said Gavin Goney. "Some people you don't see; some people you might know; you just don't know who is going to be here."

For these kids, it's more than learning new skills and building self esteem, it is also about meeting new friends; a whole new social network.

"It's fun, like meeting new people," said Joe Rafter.

They may have their limitations, but like all kids, they like to compete and win. And there's not a loser among them.

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