Elderly man attacked by 4 teens in S. Phila

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA - August 14, 2011

It happened around 11:30 Saturday morning near 11th and Synder streets.

The victim, 85-year-old Peter Lavini, went to get a newspaper and was attacked shortly after he left the store.

"I've known some bad people. On their worst day they would never dream of doing something like that," said Mark Lemons, the victim's grandson.

The suspects hit Lavini over the head just a few feet from his doorstep, and took his wallet. They got away with $200 in cash and credit cards.

Lavini is in the hospital and his grandchildren are outraged.

"He had some contusions. He's in the hospital. They're doing some brain scans and cat scans," said Lemons.

Lavini worked long hours as a tailor to support his family.

"I think it's a shame that a person who worked all their life and took care of their family has to suffer like that," said Angel Daly, the victim's granddaughter.

Lavini's family says that he is a generous man, who is always there to help them through hard times.

"He's a strong guy. He has his family and plenty of support. We're here for him," said Daly.

The teenagers discarded Lavini's empty wallet on a street nearby.

Police are hoping to find fingerprints that will lead them to the attackers.

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