Pittsgrove Mayor issues State of Emergency

PITTSGROVE TWP., N.J. - August 14, 2011

Mayor Linda DuBois of Pittsgrove declared a State of Emergency due to major flooding.

Officials say they've received more than 9 inches of rain so far and with more on the way, they aren't taking any chances.

Pittsgrove is under water.

A car on West Deerfield was partially submerged, and a large chunk of Greenville Road is missing, swept away by the powerful water.

In all, more than a dozen roads are shut down.

"This is the worst that we've ever seen. I've been an elected official for 22 years, and their telling me that it's the worst in more than 40 years anybody can remember," says Pittsgrove Mayor Linda DuBois.

Most of the damage has been to the streets, but on Almond and Centerton, homes and businesses were threatened.

The pumps were running, but they were of little help to Anderson's Country store. Water continued to flow into the basement


"It's total devastation," said Kaz Omura. "The complete cellar is about filled up right now."

Kaz Omura and his wife own the store. Angel Magleo works there. She says the flooding hit out of nowhere.

"I wasn't afraid until I saw all of this," said Angel Magleo. "Then my mom said, 'I'm coming to get you', and I was like ok."

It appears they will be shut down for at least a couple of days.

For the owners and others who live in the area, the flooding was totally unexpected. They say the area of Centerton Lake has been a dry bed for at least two years.

The mayor has declared a state of emergency. Only non-essential vehicles are allowed on the roadways, or they drive at their own risk.

Officials are waiting for the water to recede, and for the Omuras, the cleanup begins.

"We're supposed to get more, so we have to be ready for it," Omura said.

Again, all non essential vehicles must be off the roadways. Only police, fire and EMS vehicles are allowed.

At least eight major roadways in the area have been washed out.

Roadways affected are:
Griers Lane
Greenville Road
Morton Avenue
Centerton Road
Garden Road
Almond Road
Deerfield Road
Burlington Road

Authorities are encouraging drivers to head their warnings and cooperate with the State of Emergency detours.

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