Create a registry for Back to School supplies

August 16, 2011

Now there's an easy way to do that.

A universal registry is a system where you can add items from any store in the world onto one regisry, or it can be a wish list.

Using the free service, students can ask for all kinds of big-ticket or small-ticket items- everything from supplies for your dorm room to school supplies, including laptops.

The MyRegistry app also lets you compare prices on the go!

"You see laundry detergent, you zap the bar code then you can look on the application and you'll be able to see exactly all the different stores that are selling that same detergent and what they are selling it for," said Nancy Lee of "You can choose the one that's at the price that you want it. You click on it and again, it gets added to your wish list."

You can even register for things at brick-and-mortar stores that aren't online. Just go to the store, take a picture of the item with your cell phone, then add that to your registry.

If somebody wants to buy it - they'll get the info for the store. When your registry or wish list is complete, let your friends and family know about it!

"Grandma would love to buy something and your aunt and uncle are so excited that you're going off to school, they'll certainly pick something off that wish list as well," said Lee. "So let them help you, they want to."


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