Parenting: Going to work with dad

August 16, 2011

He certainly didn't mind--after all it had been awhile since he last visited our newsroom - and he always seemed to be extremely excited about sitting in the studio and watching dad.

Boy have things changed!

As we walked into the building, my 9 year-old says to me: "Dad can I sit in your cubicle while you're on the news?" My response: "I thought you liked sitting in the studio and watching the news?" His response: "N, h it's a little boring."


I was a little taken aback but, after giving it some thought, I realized, yes it is probably a bit boring to sit still for a half-hour, if you're 9 years-old. That is, unless you're watching the Disney Channel or Cartoon Network. But I also found out something more during Nicholas' visit to my job.

He really enjoyed sitting at my newsroom desk, at my cubicle and, perhaps, pretending to be an employee. Whether it was surfing websites on my desktop, or looking through my rolodex, it was a lot more exciting for my son than sitting in the studio like a statue.

Sometimes what we may think is exciting for our children is usually just the opposite and what's more, the simplest things like sitting at dad's desk can be the most exhilarating.

Sitting at my desk, apparently, gave Nicholas an opportunity to see me in a different light. And I must admit it was fun for me seeing how comfortable he was in my cubicle.

Nicholas has said he doesn't think he'll be a news anchor when he grows up--or a physician (my wife's profession). But he does want to sit at a desk--that much is for sure. Now we just need to find the right desk job. Fortunately we've got plenty of time.

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