Hottest products for Back to School

PHILADELPHIA - August 19, 2011

Hot Product Number 1: The laptop chill mat. Some notebook mats not only keep your laptop chill but, with dual fans, they cool you as well. They cost $19.99 and up.

Hot Product Number 2: Tablets and other devices for digital books. "Readers such as the Kindle and Nook are very popular," said Lucy Browoleit of Staples.

Hot Product Number 3: A privacy filter for your computer screen to keep people from peeking over your shoulder. They cost at least $20.

Hot Product Number 4: The Garmin GTU 10, which tracks locations over the AT&T wireless network to help you find lost items like a backpack. It worked on our iPad and regular PC. With it, we could see that our backpack was right here inside our 6abc building. The app even showed the history of our backpack's locations. The device is a $200 investment, though. Standard tracking is free the FIRST year and $50 a year after that.

Hot Product Number 5: A cell phone with GPS to help keep track of the kids. The FamilyWhere service offered by T-Mobile is $10 per month. The program displays family members' locations using icons on map. You can view it on the web or your mobile device. You can get location info on demand or set the services to perform automatic location checks. That way, you'll be alerted if your child is or isn't at school during the day.

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