Parenting: Head for the bus stop - whether they like it or not

August 22, 2011

They need school clothes. They need new back packs (luckily, my son's is still in good shape and so we are giving it another year of abuse). They need to get back to their school-year sleeping schedules. They need to finish their summer reading. They need to find out who their teachers will be. They need to take an inventory of school supplies. They need to stop playing video games for 80-percent of their waking hours (I've put a stop to this already - let's just say electronic devices are taking a break in our house). They need to get over their first-day-of-school jitters.

And we all need to find out what time the bus arrives on that first day.

What am I doing? Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) I am not highly involved in day-to-day operations of my household, that is left up to my wife. All I need to know is when the bus arrives. I'll be there.

I remember the first day of school being kind of scary, simply because it is ripping a child right out of summer routines, which mostly involve fun and play. It is back to work for them, really.

So even as my children get older, and it becomes less and less "cool" to be seen with your parents, I'm making sure I'm there to see them off at the bus stop.

Because deep down inside, any child appreciates that.

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