Back to School bargain: HP Touchpad for $100

August 22, 2011

Demand for the $100 TouchPad was so high, that HP's website and call center crashed this weekend.

Both are back up and running today but HP says it's out of inventory for now.

Don't worry, students and parents can still take advantage of this deal.

Simply go to HP's website and sign up for an academic account. When you enter your email address you will be notified as soon as the TouchPad is back in stock.

There's also another way to get this deal. Best Buy has cut its prices to match HP.

While the chain is also out of stock right now , some stores are expected to get more Thursday.

Finally, if you've already bought the TouchPad at the regular $400 price, call HP or your retailer to get a refund for the difference.

HP told us it will provide refunds within 21 days. Best Buy has also announced it will refund the difference for customers who bought the TouchPad after June 19.

And are you thinking about getting an e-reader?

Consider a Nook, which comes with a great Back-to-School deal.

If you register a new Nook before Oct. 31, you can choose 12 free classics to download including study guides and apps from Barnes and Noble.

And last but not least, do you need a pair of sneakers?

If you buy a pair of Pumas, you'll get a free Puma backpack worth $40.

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