Keeping children safe near windows

August 22, 2011

Doctors at Nationwide Children's Hospital say it doesn't just happen in city high rise buildings. In fact, many falls happen from one or two-story windows.

They say about 5,200 children and teens are injured in window falls every year, that's about 14 each day.

Most of the children are under the age of five and it happens when parents assume the kids are safe.

"Over 80 percent of the time, a screen was present. The message to parents is that screens won't keep children from falling out of a window," said Dr. Gary Smith.

Many times, children climb onto furniture to reach open windows. So, it's recommended to keep all furniture away from windows.

An easy solution is to install guards or stops that will prevent windows from opening more than four inches.

It's also recommended to plant soft bushes and flower beds under windows to help break a fall.

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