Back to school shopping for teachers

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - August 30, 2011

Parents and teachers have their own needs this time of year, and a local chain does its best to meet them.

Becker's Parent and teacher Stores stock everything from pencils and paper right on up to classroom furnishings.

Schools provide a great deal of what teachers need, but many want something extra. For example, grading is usually done on a computer and then posted online. But some teachers still like the old-fashioned grade book and Becker's has them.

Some learning aids like math flash cards and a clock to teach younger kids time haven't changed in decades.

Some teachers will buy those, but parents also get them to reinforce classroom learning and help a child when needed. Other resources include learning games which play like other more-familiar favorites. They just happen to teach a particular subject in an age-appropriate way.

Many of the stores employees have teaching experience so you should feel free to ask questions.

Every teacher wishes he or she had one of the new computer-driven smart boards in class. They're far too costly for a teacher to buy, but Becker's does deliver them to school districts.

If it's part of the learning process, the chain carries it, nothing to large or too small. The company has eleven stores around the tristate region.

Pennsylvania stores include Northeast Philadelphia, plus Broomall, Exton, Levittown, Whitehall and Willow Grove.

In New Jersey, they're in Cherry Hill, North Brunswick, Toms River and Watchung.

There's a Delaware store in Wilmington.

For more information, or to request a free catalog, visit their website: Becker's School Supplies.

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