Grandma a "bionic woman" after saw accident

COLUMBUS, OHIO; September 7, 2011

Pat Marvin of Columbus, Ohio, was using a power miter saw, making the last cut on wood for a handrail when she slipped, and in a blink, the saw cut off her left hand, just above the wrist.

Pat's sweatshirt had gotten wrapped up in the blade and was tangled around her wrist, creating a tourniquet of sorts that cut off the bleeding.

Pat ran outside, screaming for help. A passerby heard her and called 9-1-1.

The paramedics found Pat's hand, and took it to the hospital with her.

Doctors re-attached the hand during an 8-hour operation. They were able to use high-tech screw-like fasteners to pull the severed bones together.

And within 3 days, she was moving her fingers again. Because the saw blade shattered some of the bone, Pat's left arm will be about an inch shorter than her right one.

Pat still needs a lot of physical therapy, but she says she feels like a bionic woman.

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