Residents still coping with Irene's damage

BUCKS COUNTY - September 5, 2011

Everything that was in Marie Foehl's basement is out on her lawn. Bikes rusted, toys caked in mud, a lamp and a washer both ruined.

Foehl lives along the Neshaminy Creek in Bucks County and says Hurricane Irene brought a rush of up to five feet of water inside her usually tidy basement.

"Just as you saw the creek furiously swirling, that's what happened in my basement," said Foehl.

It was a similar scene in Trenton, where homes are severely damaged by flooding.

Some homes are no longer livable while others in the area who were more fortunate are left still cleaning from Irene's wake.

And now as more rain approaches from what was Tropical Storm Lee, some are anxiously making preparations.

"We're pretty much going to put everything up out of the basement and try to keep everything on high ground," said Howard Mason.

Foehl is still hoping that this next round of rain won't make matters any worse.

"I'm just hoping it goes down, the tide is low and the water doesn't come back in," said Foehl.

Forecasters predict that we could get up to four inches of rain over the next couple of days.

For now, the creeks and rivers in the area are not expected to reach flood level and everyone is hoping that holds true.

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