Call for Action Results: Dental refund success

BROOKLAWN, N.J. - September 7, 2011

Michelle Collins had what she thought was a MINOR problem with one of her teeth. So what ensued at the dentist's office was a lot more than she expected.

"About 6 trips later, they finally did a root canal," she told Action News. "And the root canal went bad, and I had an infection for almost two months."

Michelle says the infection got so bad she had to go to the emergency room.

"By 4:00 in the afternoon, I was finally out of there, and they ended up pulling my tooth because the infection was so bad," she said.

Michelle paid the original dentist $4,000 in cash for the root canal because she didn't have dental insurance. Michelle wanted her money back.

"They wouldn't give me my money back, and that's what made me angry because more than anything I lost a tooth," she said. "And that was huge."

So Michelle contacted Call for Action. And finally the dentist sent her a check for $2,000.

"I was amazed," she said. "I would tell anybody if there is anything out like that to try them [Call for Action] first, especially if you know you're right."

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