Zac Brown hints at possible TV opportunities

NEW YORK (AP) -September 8, 2011

Now, Zac Brown may be taking his love for food to television.

"We've talked about it," Brown said about possibly doing a cooking TV show. "We've filmed a lot of the stuff, a lot of the cooking elements of our stuff to possibly put a show together, and we definitely will do that one day."

The Grammy-winning group offers "eat and greets" at most of their live shows for fan-club members. And Brown says he takes the food aspect of the show as serious as the music.

"This isn't just a chance for somebody to come eat a bag of nachos and some cheese wiz at a concert," he said.

Brown, who is the father of a four young girls, says he lives a life that would fit nicely on TV.

"I think our lives in general are just pretty entertaining, or would be for most people," he said. "Getting that good content together and presenting it in a way ...and putting it out there, there's a lot of that to come."

The Zac Brown Band is known for their No. 1 country hits "Chicken Fried," `'Toes" and "As She's Walking Away."

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