Fall travel destinations

MOUNT EPHRAIM, N.J. - September 15, 2011

The advent of the fall season means bargains to most popular destinations. With the exception of the Thanksgiving weekend, when students and others inundate the system, you might have your pick of places to go, places to stay, and how to get there.

We visited MCA Travel in Mount Ephraim, New Jersey, where owner/agent Linda Hofmann told us she's constantly getting alerts from providers seeking vacationers. So you can select your destination and your reason to go, and find something in your price range.

She says cruise lines are offering all sorts of deals to fill their ships, so you might save on your room, a meal plan, and more. Likewise airlines and hotels.

More and more people book travel themselves by going online, and you might find a good deal that way. But travel agents get alerts from more providers, and their software lets them, see every available flight at once, not just some airlines. So they offer convenience.

Generally speaking, their services cost you nothing. You do pay for them to book you a flight, but many people prefer paying that fee because they often end up finding more-convenient flights than they'd find on their own.

In early fall, you might be able to book a week in a sunny Latin American resort for about the same as you'd pay for a stay at a local shore resort.

There are stunning packages available for resorts like Walt Disney World. And European destinations welcome visitors this time of year because, like here, the crowds thin out.

You can reach MCA Travel online or you may phone 856-933-3207.

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