Philly taking no chances with 9/11 threat

CENTER CITY - September 9, 2011

The targets are reportedly New York and/or Washington and both cities have dramatically increased security.

"We weren't named in this particular threat, New York and DC, but we sit right in the middle," Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said.

Never-the-less Commissioner Ramsey has received multiple FBI briefings in the last 24 hours on the al-Qaida threat involving New York City and D.C; he is still ramping up security in Philadelphia this weekend at iconic landmarks, major bridges, and the subway system just in case.

"We'll have people working this weekend from our Homeland Security Unit, bomb squad, things of that nature, that was already preplanned, nothing to do with this particular threat, but we'll have lots of personnel available," Ramsey said.

Amtrak police at 30th Street Station are on 12 hour shifts this weekend because of the 9/11 anniversary. Authorities have long known it would be an appealing time to attack, that was validated after information found in Osama bin Laden's compound indicated the terror network was considering attacks on this anniversary.

"There's always chatter and you got to be cautious, so the chatter's there, the information's there, but will this not end on 9/11, this will keep on going," George Venizelos of the FBI said.

The Internet carries lots of threatening chatter, but this 10th anniversary of 9/11 is generating unprecedented levels of security, high alert and caution, easily topping the standards of previous years.

Amtrak passengers heading to the Big Apple this weekend spoke to Action News about their confidence in our national security and unwillingness to be intimidated.

"If you're fearful they'll win, so I'm going to go out and have a good time, do some shopping, come back," Frank Antico of Media, Pa. said.

The FBI and Homeland Security are encouraging law enforcement across the nation to maintain increased security and be on the lookout for suspicious activity. It might be good advice for everyone even if Philadelphia is not on the radar screen right now.

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