Floodwaters recede as problems linger in Ambler

AMBLER, Pa. - September 9, 2011

On Orange Avenue in Ambler, all of the cars on the entire block were destroyed.

"There's 17 cars on this block the junkyards are going to have a field day with," flood victim Trina Chestnut said.

One home so far has been condemned.

The rest like Trina Chestnut's home are flooded out and literally falling apart.

Chestnut says everyone is wondering how they'll pay for the damage because no one has flood insurance.

Over on Maple Street, floodwaters caused a warehouse building to collapse sending water and debris to all of the homes across the street.

"Last time this area flooded, they were offered a low interest loan, but they're elderly, a lot of people are elderly, they cannot afford to take out a loan," Roz Smith of Norristown said.

Many people are putting their hopes on FEMA which declared the area a disaster.

But there's no telling when those federal dollars will be coming in.

Borough Manager Mary Aversa is advising people to be proactive until then.

"You take the stuff out of your house, you assess your damage, you make a list of everything, and then hopefully we will get funding; it could take a few months," Aversa said.

Officials say FEMA and the county are expected to be out in Ambler on Monday to survey the damage themselves.

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