Casey Anthony's parents revisit loss on `Dr. Phil'

LOS ANGELES - September 12, 2011

Asked in an interview with "Dr. Phil" host Phil McGraw if Casey Anthony would be welcome at his Orlando, Fla., house, George Anthony replied: "Not while I was there, no."

George Anthony and his wife, Cindy, spoke to McGraw for an interview airing Tuesday and Wednesday on the syndicated TV program and on another "Dr. Phil" show later this month.

In opening statements for Casey Anthony's trial for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, defense attorney Jose Baez accused George Anthony of sexually molesting Casey as a child. Baez also alleged that George, a former police officer, made Caylee's death look like a homicide after the girl drowned.

Baez never presented any testimony or evidence to back up his statements. George Anthony has vehemently denied the allegations.

Cindy Anthony said on the show that it would be difficult for Casey to return, given her relationship with her father. She struck a conciliatory tone regarding her daughter, who was acquitted in July of murdering Caylee and released from jail to an undisclosed Florida location.

"I would love to see her be happy either in a career or in a family setting," Cindy Anthony said, according to a transcript provided by the show. "You know, I'd love for her to get married if she so chooses and, if she's healthy, to be able to be a mom again."

Cindy Anthony said she hopes her daughter gets therapy and any treatment that's required and, at some point, is able to "move on" with her life.

Casey Anthony herself entertained thoughts of becoming a parent again. During the discovery portion of her case, authorities released a series of letters she wrote to another inmate during her incarceration. In the letters, Casey described having dreams of being pregnant and spoke of a desire to possibly adopt a child in the future.

Caylee was the subject of an intensive search after she disappeared in June 2008. The toddler's remains were found months later in a wooded area not far from the Anthony home, where Casey lived with her parents. The 25-year-old Anthony, who had told police that a fictitious baby sitter had the child, was convicted of four counts of lying to authorities. She has appealed her convictions.

In the interview with McGraw, George and Cindy Anthony also discussed Casey's childhood and health, their views of how Caylee might have died and whether they hold their daughter responsible, according to the transcript.

The interviews with the Anthonys were taped over a two-day period. No money was paid to the couple, McGraw said. He has agreed to make a donation to a charity being established by the Anthonys in their granddaughter's name to support grandparents' rights and missing and abuse children.

McGraw said he tried to "ask the questions people in America would ask if they could and get the answers they were looking for."

George Anthony dealt with "the facts and reality in a very forthcoming way," McGraw said, while he had to press Cindy Anthony for answers and at times felt she was "in a huge state of denial."

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