All Willingboro schools being checked for mold

WILLINGBORO, N.J. - September 13, 2011

On Monday, it was announced that Willingboro High School will be closed for the week to keep children away from the potential hazard after mold was discovered there.

However, it now seems that the high school is not alone.

On Tuesday the superintendent, Dr. Ronald Taylor, told Action News that small, non-student areas of the JC Stuart Elementary School and the Memorial Middle School were quarantined after air samples showed the presence of mold.

Dr. Taylor said he is taking a proactive approach to the problem and all seven Willingboro schools are now being checked.

"As with anything, the adults that are present are our best eyes and ears. We're always looking for them to help them and spot it. We'll take every report seriously," said Dr. Taylor.

Dr. Taylor said remediation will take some time and requires a bidding process, so it is possible the high school students won't be able to return to their building next week. Instead, they may have to go to other buildings.

Parents are being told to visit the school district's website for any possible changes.

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