Campus life in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, Pa.- September 20, 2011

One popular answer is Campusphilly. It's a website funded by the city, 30 colleges and other agencies.

Company president Deborah Diamond says the site strives to do several important things. First off, there's retention.

If college graduates stay in town after their education is complete, there's a huge economic benefit. >Keeping just 1% of graduates local can mean $4 billion in positive cash flow. Then there's the economic benefit students generate by their activities.

They like concerts, restaurants, shopping and more. So having those entities searchable in one convenient place is a plus. But Campusphilly does more by providing students with free guidebooks.

The guidebooks come with keychain tags the holder can present at participating retailers to get exclusive discounts.

It's a coordinated marketing campaign geared toward students and what they need and like. But Campusphilly seeks to do one more important thing.

It acts as a clearinghouse for internship and job opportunities. So students who are already there can find things that further a career.

There are volunteerism opportunities posted, too, because so many students are looking for a chance to "give back". To see all these resources, and get a lead on those free guidebooks, just visit CampusPhilly .

Other metropolitan areas have websites doing some of the things Campusphilly does, but organizers say no other city has one as comprehensive. Campusphilly will host College Day on Saturday, September 24th, an opportunity for students from across the region to come together and enjoy free activities along Ben Franklin Parkway, on Rittenhouse Square, and in the historic district.

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